Saturday, May 30, 2009

Free Sample of Theta Waves Brainwave Entrainment

Here is a sample of theta waves you can listen to online. Duration for this wave tone is 1 minute in length.
Theta wave frequency is quite slower than our awake beta state so entrainment may take longer the first time you use it. Succeeding sessions may allow your brain to be entrained in a shorter period of time.

You may download this tone at the brainwave entrainment blog.

Once you are entrained to this theta frequency, your conscious mind chatter will slow down while your subconscious mind becomes more dominant. Mental imagery in this state becomes more pronounced and you can take a glimpse of your subconscious thoughts, both from your saved memories and from the collective consciousness of the universe.

Affirmations can more likely be heard and effected in the subconscious mind in this state than in the higher frequencies but the problem is, your conscious mind has little power and it would be difficult to phrase your affirmations mentally and you may fall asleep. People adept to this level however can maintain a degree of conscious awareness where they can still state their affirmations correctly.

One method to use affirmations effectively while in the theta brainwave state is to listen to recorded affirmations. You may embed this recorded affirmations in your isochronic tones. I'll post a tutorial about this later on. Meanwhile, get yourself to be acquainted with the theta state and practice listening to it without falling asleep.

What you may expect from theta wave entrainment are:
  • increased creativity
  • increased awareness of deep unconscious messages, ideas will keep coming.
  • feeling rested and refreshed after the session.
There are other effects that you may experience such as quicker manifestation of your affirmations. Affirmations however is a little bit tricky. There are ways to construct effective affirmations. I'll touch on that later on.

Check on this blog often as I'll post more articles on tapping the power of isochronic tones to bring you more health, wealth, abundance, success and prosperity.

Visit my brainwave entrainment site for more tones on different brainwave states.
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Create your own isochronic tones:
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thought Vibrations and Sound Waves

The law of attraction works simply because it is a universal law. Visualize, think and feel whatever you desire in the present and it manifests in your life a couple of minutes from now, an hour later, a day after or some other time in the near future.
I'll touch on this subject before I proceed to the subconscious mind bumps because it's very important to gain an overall understanding of the interaction of our different minds.
Since the law of attraction universal law, it must work but why doesn't it seem to work for everybody as you may have read in forums. Some people even dismiss it as crap.
The fact is, it works and those who think it doesn't work are attracting things which are contrary to their conscious thoughts of the things they desire, that's why they think it doesn't work. What is manifesting in their lives are the result of the sum total of the interactions of their minds (conscious and subconscious). The result of these interactions may not necessarily be the contents of their conscious thoughts because the subconscious also plays a big part in forming the dominant vibratory pattern. They apply the law of attraction - visualize, think and feel what they desire but instead what's manifesting in their lives are the opposite. What's missing?
I will attempt to shed light on this confusion by exploring the nature of waves as it relates to conscious and subconscious thoughts. Thoughts are vibrations of energy just as sound waves are. The basic behavior of sound waves should apply to thought vibrations since they both propagate waves of energy. Stay with me as you may never have heard of this idea before. The evidence is right in front of us and yet we don't see the connection.
note: The author does not claim the ideas presented here as facts but as a simple model on how our different mind levels interact with each other.

Sound Waves

Let us examine sound waves. These are audible waves of energy that are produced when a material vibrates like the string of a guitar when it is plucked. We'll experiment the characteristics of a sound wave using a loudspeaker since almost everybody has it. If you are reading this, you must have loudspeakers in your computer.
Arrange your loudspeakers as shown in the figure below. You can use your computer's
 loudspeakers or the bigger ones from your stereo system which works better for this experiment.
speaker sound sources
For this experiment, you may use this alpha isochronic tones (opens in new window) for better results because it's sound waves are simple without lots of different frequencies playing simultaneously. It is also in mono mode which means the signals are the same for both the left and right speakers.
Press the play button of the low pitch tone and adjust the volume control to its highest level. As the tone plays, position your head at different areas - between the speakers, at the back of the left or right speaker, on top, etc. Notice the intensity of the sound you hear at different areas. Also try positioning the speakers closer together or moving it at different angles from each other.
Did you notice that the strongest or highest intensity of the tone occurs at the area between the two speakers? That's because both the speakers vibrate at the same time and in phase which simply means that the signals of both speakers rise and fall at the same time. What you hear is the strength of the signal from each speaker combined.
The intensity of the sound waves can be graphically represented below
equal sound waves graph
Since the two speakers produce tones that are in phase or aligned with each other, the signals from the right and left speakers are represented as both going in the positive direction at the same time. When the intensity of the left speaker is rising to a strength value of 10, the right speaker also changes its strength at the same time to the same value resulting in a stronger intensity at the center (where the interaction of both sound wave sources are strongest) because the strength of both waves are added together.
The figure above depicts a double strength at the center but it may be less depending on several factors such as the distance between speakers.
You may have also noticed this characteristic in your stereo system when you adjust the balance control. If you move the knob or slider all the way to either the left or right, the intensity of the sound you hear will be lesser compared to the sound you hear if the position was in the center - assuming you are at the center of both speakers..
The above experiment shows you how two different sound wave sources interact with each other when they are in phase or aligned. But what if they are out of phase or out of alignment?

Making the Sounds Out of Alignment

Let's experiment how the waves interact with each other when the speakers are out of phase or out of alignment. What we do is reverse the polarity of one of the speakers. We do this by reversing the speaker terminals of one speaker.
This can be done if your speaker or your stereo system offers the capability of reversing the wires. If you see a speaker terminal at the back of your loudspeaker enclosure or at the back of your player similar to the image below, then you can follow through with this experiment.
speaker terminals

The terminal type above allows you to insert the wires while moving the lever above the holes up or down (depending on the design). Other types allow you to screw the wires in place.
Now reverse the connection of one speaker terminal. You remove the wires and re-insert it but this time the red wire goes to the black terminal and the black wire goes to the red terminal. Some wires are differentiated with a white or red stripe.
Now play the tone again. Observe the intensity of the volume at different areas around the speakers. You should notice the following:
  • The nearer the speakers are facing each other, the lesser sound you will hear.
  • The farther you are from the center, the louder the sound you will hear.
When the waves are not in alignment, cancellation occurs. The resultant wave is the difference between the two wave sources. Examine the graph below.

sound waves opposite

The left speaker in this case produces an intensity of +40 while the same time the right speaker produces an intensity of -30 which results in a positive going wave of +10. These waves are out of alignment since one source goes positive while the other goes negative because we reversed the speaker wires.

In the above graph, if the positive going signal was weaker than the negative going signal, the result will be negative going too.

Different values of the left and right sound intensity produces different results. Equal strength from the left and right speakers may result in no audible sound at all at the center. To sum it up, with out of alignment sources even though the signal is the same, the output will be lesser than the lower intensity of the two sources.

Every material has a resonant frequency. This means that when a material 'hears' its resonant frequency from a nearby source, it vibrates even though no external force is applied to it.
For example if you have two tuning forks for the musical note of "A" which vibrates to a frequency of 440 hz, striking only one fork will also cause the other fork to vibrate also. You can also experiment with a guitar to observe the behavior of resonance.
guitar resonance
Let's play around with the two bass strings at the top. For standard tuning, the top most bass string is tuned to the musical note "E" and the next bass string is tuned to the musical note "A". Pressing a string at the first fret will produce a sound half note higher than if there were no string pressed.
Each succeeding frets when pressed will produce a sound half note higher than the previous fret. So for the first bass string, to get to the "A" note, you need to press the string at the fifth fret (F, F#, G, G#, A - 5 steps).
Now try this: pluck the top most bass string while pressing it at the fifth fret with your other hand then lightly touch the next bass string. You should feel the second bass string vibrate even though it has not been plucked.
Now pluck the first string again but this time lightly touch another string. You should feel no vibration from it.
From this experiment we can conclude that a material will vibrate if it "hears" a frequency which is in resonant to its own.
These are the behavior of sound waves and it also applies to other waves as well such as radio waves. An antenna designed to tune to a specific frequency will resonate to that frequency.

Thought Waves/vibrations

Since thought produces mind waves, the characteristics of these waves must in some way be similar to the behavior of sound waves. Thinking of thought waves in these terms will make us better understand the interaction of the waves produced in our conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds.
The discussion of previous post on mind bumps assumes these behaviors and it will be easier to picture the interaction of the conscious and  subconscious mind waves which I will discuss in my next post.
As I have mentioned in the post on mind bumps, boost your positive mind bumps by thinking of positive things always. Look at the positive side of every situation, appreciate the beauty of nature, love everyone and everything. For in doing so, you multiply your positive mind bumps and invite positive events to manifest in your life.
Love and peace to you.

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Conscious Mind Bumps

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Conscious Mind Bumps

Getting familiar as to how our minds work can greatly enhance our experience with brainwave entrainment. Although the mind is very complex, I will try to illustrate a simple way of visualizing how it works to gain an insight of how relevant meditation is to our health - mind, body and spirit. To get to the meditative state, isochronic tones can bring you to it a lot quicker.

A better understanding of your conscious mind and its interaction with the subconscious and superconscious can make you achieve better results with affirmations, manifestation techniques, law of attraction, positive thinking and other ways of personal development to bring more abundance in your life in health, wealth and love.

The mind may be composed of several planes or layers but we'll limit our visualization to three planes - the conscious, subconscious and the superconscious. Let's start with the conscious mind since this is the most familiar to us.

(note: the following discussion will serve only as a simplified model for the inner workings of our minds. The author does not claim the ideas presented here as facts but as insights to serve as a model to better understand ourselves and hopefully to better

 understand the concepts of what the many teachers - psychologists, spiritual healers, life coaches, motivators, etc. - have been talking about).

Conscious Plane

Our waking state may seem dominated by our conscious mind but the subconscious and superconscious are there all the time serving its functions. Our conscious mind is what we use for thinking. It has the power to analyze, to choose, to judge, to make decisions, to distinguish

 between opposites and so on. When we think as we always do during the waking state - non stop - the thoughts create vibratory energy in the conscious plane. Let's call these mind bumps or vibratory bumps. The stronger the intensity of the thought, the larger the bump it creates. Let's assume the conscious plane looks like the image below:

conscious mind plane

Without thoughts, this energy plane would be flat or in the zero state like what happens when we are asleep. We don't think consciously when we are deep in sleep, so it's safe to assume that the conscious plane is flat. This plane is like a playground, a place or area where our conscious mind can do its work.

When we are in the awake and thinking state, the conscious plane would be filled with activity which we can represent as bumps. We can represent the waking state of a conscious plane similar to the image below.

conscious mind plane bumps

As you can see there are bumps going up and there are bumps going down. The strength or intensity of these bumps are represented by its height (going above or going down).

When we focus on something, say appreciating a flower, a positive bump (going up) would be reflected in the conscious plane - the more intense the focus is, the higher the bump goes upward. If you get angry at someone, a bump would also be reflected but in the negative direction (going down) - the more intense the focus is, the lower the bump goes downward..

These bumps are vibratory patterns of our thoughts. Being vibratory in nature, the laws of waves, which will be discussed in a later post, will apply to these patterns.

Positive thoughts such as love, kindness, appreciation, gratitude, etc. produce positive going bumps but negative thoughts such as hatred, anger, envy, disgust, anxiety, etc. produce negative going bumps.

For each bump, either positive going or negative going, there exists an opposite energy. Let's take love as an example as this is the strongest positive energy that we have. When our vibratory pattern of love rises, it's opposite - assuming it's fear, which is located directly at the underside of the consciousness plane where the vibratory pattern of love manifests, loses its energy. As you can see in the illustration, fear which is a negative energy, will bump more going in the downward direction if it is intensified. So when the vibratory pattern of love is intensified, it's opposite is effectively diminished at the same time.

Love for your spouse, love for money, love for your work, love for your fellowman, love for your brother, etc. manifests in different areas of the plane and each has its corresponding opposites. You cannot love your brother and at the same time hate him, one gives way to the other. If the vibratory bump for love of your brother goes up, it's opposite - hatred for your brother - simply loses its energy (instead of going down, it goes up). Likewise if you hate your brother (bump going down), your love for him effectively diminishes.

One important thing to observe in this plane is that when a specific vibratory pattern rises, it's neighboring similar patterns also rises to some degree. As in the example above, if you are appreciating the beauty of a flower, your appreciation for other things also rises. Other positive thought patterns may also resonate to that action. Even just one intense positive thought can bring all other positive thoughts vibrating in the positive direction to some degree.

The same goes true for a negative thought. "You ruined my day" - does that phrase sound familiar? One negative experience can trigger other negative thoughts effectively minimizing the positive bumps and can last for hours!.

Our conscious mind has the power, through focus and attention, as to what the landscape of your conscious plane will look like. More bumps going up? Or more bumps going down?. It is our conscious mind that can direct us on the road to success, health and well being. It has the power to reverse the bumps to the opposite direction through its power of attention and focus.

Your conscious thoughts interact with the vibratory energy patterns of your subconscious mind creating a resultant energy pattern which can determine whether your are in the direction of health or disease, wealth or lack, success or failure. Whether you can allow the light and energy of All That Is, God or whatever you call our Creator, to manifest in your life.

We'll explore the subconscious plane in the next post.

Meanwhile, try to be aware of your conscious thoughts each moment. Determine if the bumps you are creating are going positive or negative. If you feel you're going negative, consciously think of positive thoughts - your past successes, your loved ones, happy moments in your life - or anything that will make the dominant bumps of your conscious mind positive going. If your conscious plane is successfully dominated by positive bumps, you'll be amazed by the turn of events that will follow.

An effective way of intensifying positive bumps is to meditate and state your positive affirmations when you are in the lower brainwaves. Isochronic tones can bring you to that state quicker. Why it's more effective for affirmations to work in the lower brainwaves will be discussed in the subconscious post later.

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EFT World Summit Event

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Entrain your brain with isochronic tones:

Free Brainwave Entrainment Tones

Friday, April 3, 2009

EFT World Summit

If you don't know what EFT is, here's an overview of it. It stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a process of releasing fear, banishing phobias, relieving anxiety, corrects weight problems and many more by simply tapping certain meridian points in your body. At a glance, it clears and releases emotional blocks, limiting beliefs or negative energies that are stuck in your body that prevents you from achieving good health, wealth and success.

Try It On Everything and brings to you this free online audio event, the EFT World Summit starting on January, 20, 2009. Registrants are able to view this online event through the comfort of their own homes. EFT experts shows you how to harness the power of EFT to bring more health, abundance and prosperity into your life.

The following EFT experts speak to you about harnessing the power of EFT.

Carol Look, Brad Yates, Dr. Pat Carrington, Dr. Alexander R. Lees, Carol Tuttle, Gwenn Bonnell, Lindsay Kenny, Rick Wilkes, Bob Doyle, Margaret Lynch, Nicholas Ortner, Steve Wells, Rue Haas, Jessica Ortner, Loretta Sparks, Sandi Radomski, and Ron Ball.

They will talk about the following topics:

EFT Basics, Secret to Self-Love, beginner and advanced applications of the Choices Method, dissolve trauma using EFT tools, Maximizing EFT, Using EFT for Quick and Dramatic Pain Relief, The Ultimate Truth Statement, Raising Your Personal Energy by Moving Up the Vibrational Scale, What's the Missing Secret in the Secret?, Using EFT to Clear Debt, the new paradigms of EFT, Using EFT to Determine Your Life Values, EFT for the Highly Sensitive Person - Borrowing Benefits, 10 Power EFT tips in 10 minutes, Building a Thriving Relationship, Using EFT Tapping to Lose Weight, EFT for Work Related Stress.

By using this process, it's easier to make affirmations work because it clears the blocks within your emotional system and make way for the positive energies to flow. Your isochronic meditation sessions can also be enhanced if emotional blocks and limiting beliefs are out of the way.


eft world summit

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Free Sample Alpha Wave Tones


Friday, March 20, 2009

Free Sample Alpha Wave Tone

For those who have not tried the project on creating isochronic tones or those who are not technical enough to follow through with it but would like to get a feel of what these tones sound like and how it benefits the mind and body, I have prepared a sample alpha wave tone below. This sample together with tones for beta waves, theta waves and delta waves are available for listening free at the website: free brainwave entrainment tones which I built recently.

I'm making this available for everybody to try. There are people who can afford commercial isochronic tone products but are skeptical as to its effectivity and there are people who would want to buy but still hasn't got the budget for it. Here's now a chance for everybody to try it first hand. It really works that's why I want to share it with you.

This tone brings you to the alpha state just below the beta state. Entrainment should be easier since it's just below your waking state. For faster loading, the file is only one minute in length but is repeated 15 times to give an effective 15 minute entrainment.

The alpha wave entrainment is good for calming your mind, relaxation and stress relief. You will know if the entrainment to your brain was successful because you will feel energized after the session. Just try to focus on the tones so as to subdue the annoying and energy draining worries that you may have. Others have entrained successfully at the first session but others may succeed only after the second or third session.

Before entraining your brain to the lower frequencies of theta and delta, it's best to get used to the alpha state first. This state can bring so many benefits for both your mind and body while still being a little conscious and alert. After trying this, you may want to visit for the lower brainwaves.

Check on this blog often as I'll post more articles on tapping the power of isochronic tones to bring you more health, wealth, abundance, success and prosperity.
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Create your own isochronic tones:
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How to Listen to Isochronic Tones

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to Listen to Isochronic Tones

Aside from a faster achievement of brainwave entrainment, listening to isochronic tones does not require the use of headphones unlike the more popular binaural beats. You can play it to your desktop speakers or speakers from your home entertainment system. This type of listening though has its disadvantages since external noise can compete with your isochronic tones; engine roar of a passing automobile,  the sound of power tools nearby, etc. These external noises can get you unfocused and may hinder the brainwave entrainment session.

Even though it is not a requirement, I prefer to use headphones so that I get my full attention in listening to isochronic tones thereby accelerating the speed of reaching the entrainment frequency.

headphones for brainwave entrainment
photo credit: bitninja
How loud should it be?

A good guideline is to set your player to the highest volume that your ear is comfortable with. There should not be any discomfort or pain in your ear while listening to isochronic tones. This should minimize the distraction from external noises. You can achieve entrainment even with low volumes since the beats of these tones are very distinct unlike binaural beats and higher volumes can achieve faster entrainments. Just remember that comfort to your ears is of utmost importance.

Is it important to close your eyes?

Yes it's better to close your eyes when you are entraining at alpha and below so as to eliminate visual stimuli.

Watching a repetitive video can also bring you a faster entrainment such as this alpha brainwave entrainment isochronic tones video.

You can close your eyes if they become heavy and let the isochronic tones take care of the rest of your brainwave entrainment session.

What should you think about?

As with meditation, you need to subdue the mental chatter: those thoughts between your conscious mind and subconscious mind. You may not know or notice it but there are lot of things going on in your mind even though you may not be fully conscious of it. Stop whatever you are doing for several seconds and try to listen to what's going on in your mind, A lot right? Thoughts about worries, fears, relationships, etc.. are always competing with each other for attention. A majority of these thoughts are negative in nature and being so can induce stress in your body thereby draining you of energy.

To focus your mind on only one thought, say an image of an apple, is one technique to subdue the mental chatter. If you notice you mind drifting away from the apple, you can consciously go right back to it. This technique may sound tiresome due to the fact that you are concentrating on something, the fact is it requires less energy to consciously think of only one thing than to unconsciously think of many things. The problem with tthis technique is that not everybody is good at imagining an image. This is where isochronic tones are better because all you have to focus on are the tones which can and effectively eliminate the mental chatter aside from entraining your brainwaves to a target frequency.

Entraining to brainwave frequencies in alpha, theta and delta takes you more to your unconscious mind and lessens your conscious awareness. What goes in your unconscious mind can be influenced by the dominant thoughts of your mind before the entrainment. The same is true before going to sleep. It is evident in your dreams, if you have intense thoughts about a specific matter whether it's negative or positive just before going to sleep, your dreams may reflect similar emotions.

I strongly suggest that you bring yourself to a higher vibration before a brainwave entrainment session. By higher vibration, I mean positive emotions such as love, joy and peace. Remember those times when you were elated, in love or happy - bring those emotions to the present and you'll surely reap the benefits for the entrainment at lower brainwave frequencies.

That's all you need for now if this is your first time in brainwave entrainment. Later on I'll post topics on attracting what you want in life using isochronic tones as a vehicle for it's attainment and manifestation.

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Create your own isochronic tones:
Start here | Create isochronic tones using square waves | Create isochronic tones using sine waves.
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Download isochronic tones, binaural beats and monaural beats 

Previous post:
How to choose a carrier frequency

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Choosing a Carrier Frequency

What carrier frequency or pitch to use in your isochronic tones?

Practically any frequency in the audible range can be used (20hz to 16000hz). That's a lot to choose from!

From my experience, what's pleasant to the ear is to use a carrier frequency which is a harmonic of the isochronic tone. The harmonic frequency is calculated as:

isochronic tone X n, where n is the no. of harmonic

As an example, if your isochronic tone frequency is 10hz (alpha range), the harmonic frequencies are:

10hz X 2 = 20hz (second harmonic)

10hz X 3 = 30hz (third harmonic)

10hz X 4 = 40hz (fourth harmonic)

.....and so on

We can modify our previous projects on isochronic tones: square waves and sine waves, to make it more pleasant to hear using any of the following harmonics of 10hz.

20, 30, 40, 50, 60....190, 200,....

You may first want to experiment with a carrier pitch that you would like. There are people who prefer the low frequency range and others prefer a higher pitch. Generate different tones using the audacity software mentioned in the square waves project so that you can 'preview' the carrier frequency and decide what seems nice for you.

Once you find the carrier frequency that's nice to hear for you, you can then create a more pleasant isochronic tone.

The next project will be on creating ramps. If you're targetting an isochronic tone for a theta brainwave entrainment, it's best to start in the alpha and ramp down to your target theta frequency.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Create Isochronic Tones Using Sine Waves

If you followed the first project, isochronic tones with square waves, you may not like the sound it produces but it's very effective in entraining the brain to produce alpha waves.

For our next project we'll create another tone using sine waves which are a little bit friendly to the ears. The pitch or carrier frequency  and the isochronic beat will be the same as the previous project.

  • pitch or carrier frequency: 194.18hz
  • isochronic beat: 10hz

The image below will be our target isochronic waveform.

isochronic sine waveform

If you haven't already done so, open the audacity audio editor.

1. Click Generate/Tone..

2. Enter the data you see in the image below:

generate sine wave isochronic tone3. Click Generate Tone. You'll see the following waveform:

half wave isochronic tone sine wave

The waveform is quite different from the previous project. You can adjust the display to your needs by zooming in our out. Here are the menu and keyboard equivalents:

zoom in View/Zoom In Ctrl+1
zoom out View/Zoom Out Ctrl+3
normal View/Zoom Normal Ctrl+2

Although this waveform is more pleasant than the square wave, we can make it more pleasant by fading it in and out. Here's how to do it:

  • Press Ctrl+a to select the whole track.
  • Click Effect / Cross Fade In
  • Click Effect / Cross Fade Out
  • Click Effect / Normalize...leave the check marks on the two checkboxes from the dialogue box. Click Ok

You'll get the following waveform:

half cycle isochronic sine wave fadeinout

Notice the abnormal waveform somewhere at the end of the track. We'll clean that up after we generate the silence part.

4. Generating silence

The silence or no sound portion should be the same length as the tone. Go to the end of the track by clicking Edit/Move Cursor../to Track End. The keyboard shortcut is the End key.

Now that we have the cursor at the track end, it's now to insert silence of the same duration (0.05 sec.). Click Generate/Silence... and a dialogue box would prompt you for the length of silence in seconds. Enter ".05" without the quotes then click Generate Silence. Zoom out the track and you'll see the waveform like the image below.

isochronic tone-one-cycle-raw

Let's clean up that abnormal waveform in the center. What we'll do is to silence that part so that the tone will sound good, leaving that alone will produce an annoying click sound. Here are the steps:

  • Highlight the area by clicking somewhere on the left of the abnormal waveform and dragging the mouse to the right of it.
  • Zoom in so that the abnormal waveform will be magnified. Now you will know what area to silence.
  • Highlight the abnormal area to select it.
  • Click Effect / Amplify...
  • At the dialogue box, drag the slider all the way to the left then click OK.

Zoom out the view and the waveform should now look like this:

isochronic tone one cycle sine clean

That's it, you can now replicate that waveform till you reach your required length of iso tones.

5. Replicating the full wave - same as the previous project.

Select all of the items in the track by clicking Edit/Select All. The keyboard equivalent is Ctrl+a. Now that the whole cycle is selected, copy it to the clipboard by clicking Edit/Copy - keyboard equivalent is Ctrl+c.

Bring the cursor to the track end by pressing the end key then paste the contents of the keyboard by clicking Edit/Paste or pressing Ctrl+v. Do this sequence 9 times to create a 1 second tone.

Copy all of the 1 second tone to the clipboard and paste it 9 times to get a 10 second tone.

Copy the the 10 second tone to the clipboard and paste it 5 times to get a 1 minute tone and so on....

The tone should be a lot better to listen that the square wave version.

6. How long should the tone be?

Studies have should that you can entrain your brainwaves to a specific frequency within 6 minutes depending on where you brainwave was pulsating before you started listening to the isochronic tone. If you are already relaxed when you start listening, your brainwave can be entrained earlier compared to being in an active state before the start. 15 minutes is a good length of time for relaxing purposes.

After you have created your desired length of isochronic tones, you can now export it as a .wav file. Click File/Export as Wav.. A dialogue box will prompt you for a filename and the location for the file.

On meditation

Meditation can give a lot of benefit for your mind, body and soul. To get into a meditative state requires a lot of practice and it could take months to experience the benefits of meditation. The idea of meditation is to reach the alpha or theta state and stay there for a length of time. It's the state of being between waking and sleeping. The alpha brainwave state is nearer the waking state while the theta brainwave state is nearer the sleeping state. We normally pass those states when we go to sleep spending just a little time in those states before falling asleep. In meditation, you extend that length of time in those states thereby reaping the benefits of being in that state.

There are many techniques of getting into a meditative state: thinking of only one thing, counting backwards, tensing and relaxing your muscles...and so on. After you have successfully reached that state, the problem now is maintaining or staying in that state. We will either fall asleep or get back into beta or waking state.

The beauty of isochronic tones can bring us to the meditative state in a much shorter period of time and staying in that state longer. Say you're entraining for an alpha frequency of 10hz: if you'll get sleepy, the tones will pull you back to the alpha brainwave since your brain is already entrained to that state and is the dominant brainwave frequency. Likewise if you snap back to beta because of a disturbance such as a loud noise, the tones will also pull you back to the alpha state.

I'll talk about the influence of the conscious and subconscious minds during meditation later. Meanwhile enjoy your newly created isochronic tones.