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How to Listen to Isochronic Tones

Aside from a faster achievement of brainwave entrainment, listening to isochronic tones does not require the use of headphones unlike the more popular binaural beats. You can play it to your desktop speakers or speakers from your home entertainment system. This type of listening though has its disadvantages since external noise can compete with your isochronic tones; engine roar of a passing automobile,  the sound of power tools nearby, etc. These external noises can get you unfocused and may hinder the brainwave entrainment session.

Even though it is not a requirement, I prefer to use headphones so that I get my full attention in listening to isochronic tones thereby accelerating the speed of reaching the entrainment frequency.

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How loud should it be?

A good guideline is to set your player to the highest volume that your ear is comfortable with. There should not be any discomfort or pain in your ear while listening to isochronic tones. This should minimize the distraction from external noises. You can achieve entrainment even with low volumes since the beats of these tones are very distinct unlike binaural beats and higher volumes can achieve faster entrainments. Just remember that comfort to your ears is of utmost importance.

Is it important to close your eyes?

Yes it's better to close your eyes when you are entraining at alpha and below so as to eliminate visual stimuli.

Watching a repetitive video can also bring you a faster entrainment such as this alpha brainwave entrainment isochronic tones video.

You can close your eyes if they become heavy and let the isochronic tones take care of the rest of your brainwave entrainment session.

What should you think about?

As with meditation, you need to subdue the mental chatter: those thoughts between your conscious mind and subconscious mind. You may not know or notice it but there are lot of things going on in your mind even though you may not be fully conscious of it. Stop whatever you are doing for several seconds and try to listen to what's going on in your mind, A lot right? Thoughts about worries, fears, relationships, etc.. are always competing with each other for attention. A majority of these thoughts are negative in nature and being so can induce stress in your body thereby draining you of energy.

To focus your mind on only one thought, say an image of an apple, is one technique to subdue the mental chatter. If you notice you mind drifting away from the apple, you can consciously go right back to it. This technique may sound tiresome due to the fact that you are concentrating on something, the fact is it requires less energy to consciously think of only one thing than to unconsciously think of many things. The problem with tthis technique is that not everybody is good at imagining an image. This is where isochronic tones are better because all you have to focus on are the tones which can and effectively eliminate the mental chatter aside from entraining your brainwaves to a target frequency.

Entraining to brainwave frequencies in alpha, theta and delta takes you more to your unconscious mind and lessens your conscious awareness. What goes in your unconscious mind can be influenced by the dominant thoughts of your mind before the entrainment. The same is true before going to sleep. It is evident in your dreams, if you have intense thoughts about a specific matter whether it's negative or positive just before going to sleep, your dreams may reflect similar emotions.

I strongly suggest that you bring yourself to a higher vibration before a brainwave entrainment session. By higher vibration, I mean positive emotions such as love, joy and peace. Remember those times when you were elated, in love or happy - bring those emotions to the present and you'll surely reap the benefits for the entrainment at lower brainwave frequencies.

That's all you need for now if this is your first time in brainwave entrainment. Later on I'll post topics on attracting what you want in life using isochronic tones as a vehicle for it's attainment and manifestation.

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  1. I was hoping to be able to click to hear some samples?

  2. You can try the free sample alpha wave.
    You must wait a while for the file to load after clicking the play button.
    For other brainwave frequencies, you can visit


    Has alot of free isochronic tones :)

  4. Yasin,

    I've been to that site and it's great. There really are lots of isochronic tones to listen to. Thanks for mentioning it.

  5. question! how much should I listen to these Isochronic tones ? I use imusic & they say play it like regular music. Does this mean I could listen to Isochronic for hours at a time such as through the morning hours ?with or without meditating ?

  6. Isochronic tones for alpha, theta and delta waves work best if you go into the meditative state. I don't know the effects it would make if you listen to it for several hours.

  7. with the tone generator can i make good quality tones what bit rat do they come out as if not can some one give an example of a nice slow theta please thanks

  8. thank you for this guide

  9. I just purchased some bose noise cancelling headphones is it OK to use this type of headphones for isochronic tones?

  10. Isochronic tones are not toys to play around with. They are powerful and need to be used with caution and a look into what little research has been done on them. I made the mistake of listening to a couple of "alertness" tones too late in the day and ended up spending an entire night completely awake. Along with a myriad of closed eye visuals, the tones had put my brain into "intensity" mode and my eyeballs literally fluttered.

  11. ^ Heh, in my book its all the more reason to play around with them and conduct your own personal experimentation.

    What you described is fantastic, it's an example of the true potential isochronic tones.

    Why didn't you try listening to tones designed for relaxing and inducing calm when you failed to get to sleep?