Friday, March 20, 2009

Free Sample Alpha Wave Tone

For those who have not tried the project on creating isochronic tones or those who are not technical enough to follow through with it but would like to get a feel of what these tones sound like and how it benefits the mind and body, I have prepared a sample alpha wave tone below. This sample together with tones for beta waves, theta waves and delta waves are available for listening free at the website: free brainwave entrainment tones which I built recently.

I'm making this available for everybody to try. There are people who can afford commercial isochronic tone products but are skeptical as to its effectivity and there are people who would want to buy but still hasn't got the budget for it. Here's now a chance for everybody to try it first hand. It really works that's why I want to share it with you.

This tone brings you to the alpha state just below the beta state. Entrainment should be easier since it's just below your waking state. For faster loading, the file is only one minute in length but is repeated 15 times to give an effective 15 minute entrainment.

The alpha wave entrainment is good for calming your mind, relaxation and stress relief. You will know if the entrainment to your brain was successful because you will feel energized after the session. Just try to focus on the tones so as to subdue the annoying and energy draining worries that you may have. Others have entrained successfully at the first session but others may succeed only after the second or third session.

Before entraining your brain to the lower frequencies of theta and delta, it's best to get used to the alpha state first. This state can bring so many benefits for both your mind and body while still being a little conscious and alert. After trying this, you may want to visit for the lower brainwaves.

Check on this blog often as I'll post more articles on tapping the power of isochronic tones to bring you more health, wealth, abundance, success and prosperity.
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