Saturday, May 30, 2009

Free Sample of Theta Waves Brainwave Entrainment

Here is a sample of theta waves you can listen to online. Duration for this wave tone is 1 minute in length.
Theta wave frequency is quite slower than our awake beta state so entrainment may take longer the first time you use it. Succeeding sessions may allow your brain to be entrained in a shorter period of time.

You may download this tone at the brainwave entrainment blog.

Once you are entrained to this theta frequency, your conscious mind chatter will slow down while your subconscious mind becomes more dominant. Mental imagery in this state becomes more pronounced and you can take a glimpse of your subconscious thoughts, both from your saved memories and from the collective consciousness of the universe.

Affirmations can more likely be heard and effected in the subconscious mind in this state than in the higher frequencies but the problem is, your conscious mind has little power and it would be difficult to phrase your affirmations mentally and you may fall asleep. People adept to this level however can maintain a degree of conscious awareness where they can still state their affirmations correctly.

One method to use affirmations effectively while in the theta brainwave state is to listen to recorded affirmations. You may embed this recorded affirmations in your isochronic tones. I'll post a tutorial about this later on. Meanwhile, get yourself to be acquainted with the theta state and practice listening to it without falling asleep.

What you may expect from theta wave entrainment are:
  • increased creativity
  • increased awareness of deep unconscious messages, ideas will keep coming.
  • feeling rested and refreshed after the session.
There are other effects that you may experience such as quicker manifestation of your affirmations. Affirmations however is a little bit tricky. There are ways to construct effective affirmations. I'll touch on that later on.

Check on this blog often as I'll post more articles on tapping the power of isochronic tones to bring you more health, wealth, abundance, success and prosperity.

Visit my brainwave entrainment site for more tones on different brainwave states.
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  1. I have been interested in isochronics since a long time ago. I have created some for my personal use, but this particular sample is different in that it seems to start slow and grow faster as it plays. I don't know, perhaps it is just how I perceive it.

    I wonder what tone frequency you used for this particular sample. Did you create it yourself or is this a sample from some commercial product.

  2. Hi James,

    The beat is the same. It came from only 1 cycle of isochronic beat copied several times to make it longer.

    It's not from a commercial product. There's a post in this website in how I create isochronic tones.

    I like your website by the way.


  3. I'm interested to know more about brain entrainment. I've recently read about the types of brainwaves and theta waves. The latter is deeply associated with greater levels of learning, focus, and concentration. Another thing I'm also curious about is thetahealing, which is about utilization of theta waves for self-rejuvenation.

    Brain entrainment and theta healing, I believe, can unlock the ultimate potentials brought about by theta brainwaves.

  4. Hi Karen, Thetahealing is a modality of healing that utilizes the state of the brainwaves. Theta Healing involves deep meditation to induce the theta state. The theta state can be attained faster with the use of music such as isochronic tones, and even the practice of yoga. The ultimate potentials gained from Theta Healing is best experienced for yourself. Much love and God speed you.

  5. Our Theta is also known as "sixth sense". It is associated with creative thinking and intuitive skill which is very useful for creating alternative solution to problems. Our brain can't store too much information that's why we aren't able to solve problems at the same time. All of us needs rest and relaxation for our body and brain.

    Nowadays, there are many effective healing modals. And one of them is Thetahealing. Thetahealing session includes meditative therapy which is very helpful in relaxing our mind, soul, and body. That's why many people want to learn more about Theta Healing because of the benefits.