Friday, April 3, 2009

EFT World Summit

If you don't know what EFT is, here's an overview of it. It stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a process of releasing fear, banishing phobias, relieving anxiety, corrects weight problems and many more by simply tapping certain meridian points in your body. At a glance, it clears and releases emotional blocks, limiting beliefs or negative energies that are stuck in your body that prevents you from achieving good health, wealth and success.

Try It On Everything and brings to you this free online audio event, the EFT World Summit starting on January, 20, 2009. Registrants are able to view this online event through the comfort of their own homes. EFT experts shows you how to harness the power of EFT to bring more health, abundance and prosperity into your life.

The following EFT experts speak to you about harnessing the power of EFT.

Carol Look, Brad Yates, Dr. Pat Carrington, Dr. Alexander R. Lees, Carol Tuttle, Gwenn Bonnell, Lindsay Kenny, Rick Wilkes, Bob Doyle, Margaret Lynch, Nicholas Ortner, Steve Wells, Rue Haas, Jessica Ortner, Loretta Sparks, Sandi Radomski, and Ron Ball.

They will talk about the following topics:

EFT Basics, Secret to Self-Love, beginner and advanced applications of the Choices Method, dissolve trauma using EFT tools, Maximizing EFT, Using EFT for Quick and Dramatic Pain Relief, The Ultimate Truth Statement, Raising Your Personal Energy by Moving Up the Vibrational Scale, What's the Missing Secret in the Secret?, Using EFT to Clear Debt, the new paradigms of EFT, Using EFT to Determine Your Life Values, EFT for the Highly Sensitive Person - Borrowing Benefits, 10 Power EFT tips in 10 minutes, Building a Thriving Relationship, Using EFT Tapping to Lose Weight, EFT for Work Related Stress.

By using this process, it's easier to make affirmations work because it clears the blocks within your emotional system and make way for the positive energies to flow. Your isochronic meditation sessions can also be enhanced if emotional blocks and limiting beliefs are out of the way.


eft world summit

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