Tuesday, February 10, 2015

EMDR Self Administered with Alpha Isochronic Tones

Our left and right brains have in some ways different in functions. Our left brain is more on the logical side while the right brain is more on the intuitive side. Problems arise when these two brains are in conflict with an issue that you may have. As an example; you may dream of a house of your own and one brain may agree on it but the other one may not. This conflict neutralizes the energy that will bring about the dream that you have.

Now comes EMDR. It reprocesses both sides of your brain by stimulating the left and right brains alternately. EMDR does not work only on eye movements but also on sounds. Stimulating the left and right ear alternately can have the same effect.

Below is a video which stimulates your left and right ear alternately and having a background of alpha isochronic waves to bring you to a lower brainwave state which is the most effective way to 'bring your message across the universe'.