Thursday, December 1, 2011

Schumann Resonance at 528hz

The Schumann resonance or the earth's 'heartbeat' was calculated at 7.83hz. However, recent findings indicate that the so called resonance is increasing as the earth ages. Anyway, if we get ourselves in tune with this 7.83hz, it can bring our consciousness the 'beat' of the earth's vibration.

If you have trekked to mountains, or had the pleasure of exploring the wilderness, or be near waterfalls, or anywhere away from urban life, you must have experienced a subtle refreshing feeling. Entraining your brain to the frequency of the earth can bring you to that level of consciousness.

Schumann Resonance with Isochronic Tones at 528hz

Below is a 1 minute isochronic tone set at the Schumann resonant frequency using the ancient solfeggio 528hz as the carrier frequency. No attempt is made to 'decorate' the tones with background music to make it more pleasing. It's just raw tones for brainwave entrainment. If you want to download it, a link is provided below. The sample is in MP3 but the downloadable version is in WAV format to preserve the quality of the solfeggio 528hz. Please read the instructions for using the download version.

Instructions to play for more than 1 minute:

Some people take less time to get their brainwaves entrained while others needs more time. Also, the lower the target brainwave frequency gets, the longer it may take for your brainwaves to get entrained. I minute surely is not enough but you can add a playlist to your media player and enter the file multiple times to get the desired length of time.


There is no charge for downloading this tone. However, if you think others can benefit from this, you can help spread the word by clicking on the buttons below which applies to you or you can link to this post if you have a website. Thank you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Isochronic Tones At The Unexplainable Store

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