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Conscious Mind Bumps

Getting familiar as to how our minds work can greatly enhance our experience with brainwave entrainment. Although the mind is very complex, I will try to illustrate a simple way of visualizing how it works to gain an insight of how relevant meditation is to our health - mind, body and spirit. To get to the meditative state, isochronic tones can bring you to it a lot quicker.

A better understanding of your conscious mind and its interaction with the subconscious and superconscious can make you achieve better results with affirmations, manifestation techniques, law of attraction, positive thinking and other ways of personal development to bring more abundance in your life in health, wealth and love.

The mind may be composed of several planes or layers but we'll limit our visualization to three planes - the conscious, subconscious and the superconscious. Let's start with the conscious mind since this is the most familiar to us.

(note: the following discussion will serve only as a simplified model for the inner workings of our minds. The author does not claim the ideas presented here as facts but as insights to serve as a model to better understand ourselves and hopefully to better

 understand the concepts of what the many teachers - psychologists, spiritual healers, life coaches, motivators, etc. - have been talking about).

Conscious Plane

Our waking state may seem dominated by our conscious mind but the subconscious and superconscious are there all the time serving its functions. Our conscious mind is what we use for thinking. It has the power to analyze, to choose, to judge, to make decisions, to distinguish

 between opposites and so on. When we think as we always do during the waking state - non stop - the thoughts create vibratory energy in the conscious plane. Let's call these mind bumps or vibratory bumps. The stronger the intensity of the thought, the larger the bump it creates. Let's assume the conscious plane looks like the image below:

conscious mind plane

Without thoughts, this energy plane would be flat or in the zero state like what happens when we are asleep. We don't think consciously when we are deep in sleep, so it's safe to assume that the conscious plane is flat. This plane is like a playground, a place or area where our conscious mind can do its work.

When we are in the awake and thinking state, the conscious plane would be filled with activity which we can represent as bumps. We can represent the waking state of a conscious plane similar to the image below.

conscious mind plane bumps

As you can see there are bumps going up and there are bumps going down. The strength or intensity of these bumps are represented by its height (going above or going down).

When we focus on something, say appreciating a flower, a positive bump (going up) would be reflected in the conscious plane - the more intense the focus is, the higher the bump goes upward. If you get angry at someone, a bump would also be reflected but in the negative direction (going down) - the more intense the focus is, the lower the bump goes downward..

These bumps are vibratory patterns of our thoughts. Being vibratory in nature, the laws of waves, which will be discussed in a later post, will apply to these patterns.

Positive thoughts such as love, kindness, appreciation, gratitude, etc. produce positive going bumps but negative thoughts such as hatred, anger, envy, disgust, anxiety, etc. produce negative going bumps.

For each bump, either positive going or negative going, there exists an opposite energy. Let's take love as an example as this is the strongest positive energy that we have. When our vibratory pattern of love rises, it's opposite - assuming it's fear, which is located directly at the underside of the consciousness plane where the vibratory pattern of love manifests, loses its energy. As you can see in the illustration, fear which is a negative energy, will bump more going in the downward direction if it is intensified. So when the vibratory pattern of love is intensified, it's opposite is effectively diminished at the same time.

Love for your spouse, love for money, love for your work, love for your fellowman, love for your brother, etc. manifests in different areas of the plane and each has its corresponding opposites. You cannot love your brother and at the same time hate him, one gives way to the other. If the vibratory bump for love of your brother goes up, it's opposite - hatred for your brother - simply loses its energy (instead of going down, it goes up). Likewise if you hate your brother (bump going down), your love for him effectively diminishes.

One important thing to observe in this plane is that when a specific vibratory pattern rises, it's neighboring similar patterns also rises to some degree. As in the example above, if you are appreciating the beauty of a flower, your appreciation for other things also rises. Other positive thought patterns may also resonate to that action. Even just one intense positive thought can bring all other positive thoughts vibrating in the positive direction to some degree.

The same goes true for a negative thought. "You ruined my day" - does that phrase sound familiar? One negative experience can trigger other negative thoughts effectively minimizing the positive bumps and can last for hours!.

Our conscious mind has the power, through focus and attention, as to what the landscape of your conscious plane will look like. More bumps going up? Or more bumps going down?. It is our conscious mind that can direct us on the road to success, health and well being. It has the power to reverse the bumps to the opposite direction through its power of attention and focus.

Your conscious thoughts interact with the vibratory energy patterns of your subconscious mind creating a resultant energy pattern which can determine whether your are in the direction of health or disease, wealth or lack, success or failure. Whether you can allow the light and energy of All That Is, God or whatever you call our Creator, to manifest in your life.

We'll explore the subconscious plane in the next post.

Meanwhile, try to be aware of your conscious thoughts each moment. Determine if the bumps you are creating are going positive or negative. If you feel you're going negative, consciously think of positive thoughts - your past successes, your loved ones, happy moments in your life - or anything that will make the dominant bumps of your conscious mind positive going. If your conscious plane is successfully dominated by positive bumps, you'll be amazed by the turn of events that will follow.

An effective way of intensifying positive bumps is to meditate and state your positive affirmations when you are in the lower brainwaves. Isochronic tones can bring you to that state quicker. Why it's more effective for affirmations to work in the lower brainwaves will be discussed in the subconscious post later.

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