Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Alpha Brainwave Entrainment Video

Below is a brainwave entrainment video for alpha waves using isochronic tones.

The video can help you get entrained faster - the boring repetition. Close your eyes if you feel them getting heavy and just let the isochronic tones bring you to a relaxed alpha level.

The color green is associated with your heart chakra. Focusing on love and positive thoughts while watching the video can stimulate the beneficial energy of your heart. It can transmit this energy to all your other energy centers or chakras.

Start this meditation with a smile and while the isochronic tones are playing, reminisce those times when you felt love, happiness, joy and other positive experiences. These thoughts can stimulate your body's own healing capabilities making you healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The volume may be too loud so just adjust it to a comfortable level.

Enjoy and may you benefit from these isochronic tones. Peace.

Watch this alpha brainwave entrainment video at youtube.