Thursday, January 29, 2009


Making or creating isochronic tones is easy if you have the right tools. The first thing you need is an audio editor software. there are audio editors which can generate tones and others can't.  What we need is the one which can generate tones. If you don't have one yet, there's a free audio editor called audacity which you can download at:

As of this writing there are two versions available. Download version 1.2.6 as it will be the version I will be using. The other version is still in beta and there are some aspects that aren't suitable for our purpose.

Once you have downloaded the installation files, install the software and explore it. Try opening audio files to see the waveforms. Explore the cut/copy and paste functions as we will be doing a lot of it in my next post.

We'll be using audacity for our projects. If you have another audio editing software which can generate tones, you can still follow the projects and just use the equivalent procedures for your software.


Why do we want to create isochronic tones? As you may have already read about brainwave entrainment, it is a way of making our brains generate a desired brainwave pattern which produces in our body and mind the benefits or "un-benefits" of that specific brainwave pattern. I would like to emphasize this early on to experiment only with frequencies which are mentioned in this website and other websites which have been tested and which have been known to do good for your mind and body.  Please see disclaimer below this page.

The goal of this website is to use, create or make isochronic tones to improve your well being. For example if you have a stressful daily routine, you can use isochronic tones to help you relax and keep in check the stress hormones (which may be harmful in the long run) which runs in your body. You may also want to access your deeper levels of mind that can enhance your creativity, attract what you want in your life - be it wealth, the girl of your dream, a house, a car, health, etc..

Many brainwave entrainment products which incorporate isochronic tones have been made. This website does not challenge the effectiveness of those products. They have been carefully researched and engineered to bring the utmost benefit for the users. This website only serves as an introduction to isochronic tones, to let a person experience whether it is effective or not in bringing about benefits for your mind and body. If you will notice beneficial changes to yourself when using these isochronic tones, then you may try the products which are created and designed for different conditions and states that you may need.

Only a single frequency at a time will be targeted in the examples that will be posted here. Don't try to mix different frequencies at the same time as we don't know what effect it will have to the brain. As you may know, the brain works only with one dominant brainwave pattern at a time - beta waves in the waking state, alpha waves in the relaxed state, theta waves in the sleepy state and delta waves in the deep sleep state.

The first project I will introduce to you is to create an isochronic tone which has the waveform you see in the picture below.

Isochronic waveform using square waves

That's the waveform produced using the audacity audio editor. As you can see, tones occur at intervals equal to the length of the tones. In later posts we'll be making isochronic tones with sine waves and some modifications to make it sound a little nicer.


  1. There's an easier way to do this now, than the methods described in this blog post series. It even supports ramping, which this method does not. Just grab the isochronic modulator plugin from here:

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  2. This is beautiful, thank you!

  3. i want to make other frequences like delta and theta, but how do I do that? I know delta is 0.5 HZ but is not hearable. Please help.

  4. Anonymous,

    You can find all the information you need here:

    Have fun!

  5. I forgot to say but I went to your site to see the sameples because I was curius, they never loaded. Is there something wrong with my internet browser, I use internet explorer 8

  6. Anonymouse,

    Try the samples I created at

    If you still can't play it, then something may be wrong with your browser or media player.