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meditation theta waves
photo credit : Tevaprapasklay Mak

What are Theta Waves?

Here lies the seat of deep meditative state. Rhythmic chantings of Buddhists monks allow them to reach theta state where they experience becoming one with the universe. Shamans reach their trance state to heal by the rhythmic beating of the drums. This rhythmic patterns fall within the range of theta waves (4hz-8hz).

Theta waves are observed during extrasensory perceptions, astral projection or any psychic activities.

Super learning can also be achieved in this state. Children especially pre-schoolers easily generate theta waves in their brain when they are engrossed in any activity. Ever wondered why children learn so fast? As children mature, their theta states become less frequent as the beta state become more predominant in their waking hours.

Theta waves occurs before deep sleep (delta waves) and you are actually semi-conscious in this state. Our conscious mind can examine our subconscious mind in this state but has little influence over what transpires. Vivid imagery can be experienced in this state. Have you experienced seeing vivid mental pictures when you are almost asleep? See clear images of people whom you have never seen before?

Addictions can be cured using this brain state. So are reprogramming deep seated beliefs, increasing creativity, super learning and many more things that your mind and body can benefit. It normally occurs before falling asleep and when we are engaged in a repetitive task or things that don't require our conscious attention (leaving that tasks to the automatic response of our subconscious). Driving a car in a long stretch of highway and all you hear is the purr of the engine or the wind creating sounds when it comes in contact with your car can also bring you into this state but very dangerous.

Theta state falls within the alpha state and the delta state. Theta waves lasts only a few minutes before you fall into deep sleep. One can extend the length of time you spend in the theta state and harness the benefits it brings to your mind and body. Meditation is one way but could take a lot of practice. Another way is by using brainwave entrainment techniques such as isochronic tones which your brain can easily move in step in just a few minutes.

Below is a reproduction of a 1 second theta brainwave taken from an EEG(electroencephalograph).

theta waves
photo credit : Hgamboa


  1. I think this is real, we live in a world with many mysteries.

  2. Thanks for the information about theta waves. I've been researching about this and its connection with Thetahealing. Since my friends have told stories about it being miraculous, my curiosity has led me to the library looking for books, and in the Internet looking for articles about Theta healing.