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alpha waves
photo credit : SuziJane

What are Alpha Waves?

The boundary between waking and sleeping lies within the alpha waves. Taking a rest and relaxing can slow the frequency of your brain waves from beta to alpha. If left alone without interruptions (loud noise, mosquito bite, itchiness, etc..) your brainwaves will go slower and slower till it reaches the sleep states; theta and delta.

Reason and logic will start to lose domination of your mind as you begin the journey to the unconscious. This is the brain state where your mind strongly accepts suggestions since reason and logic is losing dominance in your mind to contradict or reject suggestions.

The alpha wave range (8hz to 12hz) has lower frequency values than the beta waves but has higher amplitudes or strength. Below is a reproduction of an EEG(electroencephalograph) of alpha waves in a span of 1 second.

alpha waves
photo credit : Hgamboa

The contents of your subconscious mind can be examined in the alpha state. If you can stay long enough in this state (half awake-half asleep), you can hear the voices or see the images of what your subconscious mind holds. You will be able to discern the dominant thoughts of your subconscious mind (negative or positive). Many have used this state to their advantage; healing, creative visualization, attracting wealth, and so on. Watch out for my posts about these subjects later on.

Holding on to this state for a longer period of time could be a task for the inexperienced. But with practice such as meditation, holding on to this state for several minutes is achievable in a few months. You can however, entrain your brain to generate alpha waves and stay there for a much longer period of time achievable in only a few minutes using isochronic tones. More on this on later posts.

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