Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Isochronic Tones - How Often Should You Listen

Does the frequency of listening to isochronic tones or meditating regularly using these tones affect the benefits you receive from it? Before answering that, let me cite just one of the many things that happens to your brain when frequent entraining to the low frequency brainwaves is done.

Brain Hemispheres

Our brain is composed of two hemispheres, the left and the right, Each one functions differently, responds differently to different stimuli, has it's own strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Corpus Callusom

The corpus callusom connects the two hemispheres together. This is the area where neural pathways are created and maintained. These neural pathways acts like bridges for the two hemispheres.

Constant Practice Makes Perfect

Honing a skill requires constant practice. Take for example writing with your hands. At first the letters you write may be crooked but as you constantly practice writing, your handwriting becomes smoother and prettier.

This applies to all activities such as shooting a ball to the basketball ring, pitching a baseball, hitting the tennis ball with your racquet. These are just physical activities but it also applies to mental activities such as solving math problems, story telling, balancing spreadsheets, etc.

The practice required for making your two brain hemispheres communicate with each other efficiently is meditation. With meditation, you linger at a lower brainwave frequency for a longer period of time than you normally do.

When we go to sleep, our brainwaves fall into the lower frequency in a gradual manner till we get to the  delta stage(deep sleep). With meditation, we get into a specific brainwave and stay there for a certain length of time.

This activity results in neural pathways being created at the corpus callusom. Neural pathways which are already created becomes more distinct and are readily available.

Imagine a pathway on a grassy area. At first there are no visible path but as people constantly walk upon it, the path becomes clear. So it is with the corpus callusom, the more we meditate, the more distinct the neural pathways (bridges or pathways) become making the two hemispheres exchange messages efficiently.

Imagine again the pathway when it is no longer used, in time the pathway will be gone as the grass grows. So it is with the corpus callusom. Stop meditating and  the neural pathways that was created will slowly disappear minimizing the number of pathways that the two hemispheres can exchange messages.

There are normal daily activities when we dip into the lower brainwave frequencies, alpha or theta. These are the times when we are relaxed such as taking a shower, daydreaming, walking and any repetitive activity. However the most effective way of building the neural pathways is through meditation.

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